If You Don’t Sports Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

If you’re comparing the number of regular season games that ESPN Networks and FOX Sports will have rights to, the number increases from 65 games last athletic year to anywhere from 77 to 85 games. All rights not granted to ESPN. The game counts for both ESPN. By using 27 as the base number with FOX Sports telecast windows instead of 25, it also makes the math work over there (its a long story, I thought FOX Sports had two too many game windows if you read the post & comments). I believe it does, or lets say I’ve seen or read nothing to dissuade me of that opinion. Read this post first so you’ll have some context about this information. Pac-12 – With a increase in conference membership, the conference tournament will have four 1st round games. C-USA games that would be produced by Campus Insiders to be exclusively shown through that portal.

In addition to the 24/7 channel, several C-USA and Mountain West games will be shown exclusively on Facebook through a Stadium College Football page. Raiders (both 5-3) in the crowded AFC West. The Cleveland Browns (5-4) have battled through obstacles all season to stay in the AFC North race, but they have another tough task ahead of them on Sunday against the New England Patriots (5-4). After a bit of a rocky start, the Patriots have found their rhythm and have won four of their last five games. FS2 has distribution issues but will have at least two Big 12 non-conference football games. Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio St., Rutgers, Detroit Lions Drinkware Penn St. have completed all required appearances on BTN, which are two games with at least one of the two being an intraconference game. In this case, ESPN organized the game to air it on their networks. In short, I was ranting that the number of 40 BTN football games and FOX Sports and ESPN Networks splitting 50 football games, 25 games a side, left five games unaccounted for with the conference at 95 games under their control in 2017. With the maximum number at 27 each for ESPN and FOX Sports, the BTN game number of 40 is still one game short, but I’m willing to let that go and bet they’ll have a 41st game.

I guess is still a thing. Being sports enthusiast early from childhood days is a different thing. If you caught me ranting a few days ago about how the numbers didn’t add up based on a set of Reddit CFB notes about BTN’s football game coverage, its less justified than it was on that evening. Both FOX and ABC are required to air one more Pac-12 game in primetime on the east coast. Why is FOX’s number of football games more elastic where ESPN’s is more concrete? The other five Pac-12 schools must appear once more each on Pac-12 Networks. FS1 is scheduled to air four of the five Friday games in 2017. The Friday that ESPN is airing a game happens to be one that FS1 also has one. In addition to the specific date for Florida-Georgia, because it is consistently played off campus in Jacksonville, FL, the schools also have requested that the game be a day game every year, which means that it is likely that the game will always be selected by CBS for telecast.

Verizon’s go90 continues to carry events from the conference portals that used to be at Campus Insiders and these events appear to be friendlier compared to prior years with respect to casting to devices, but we’ll see if that continues (I think it may). As Scott Dochterman reported earlier, ESPNEWS will carry a couple Big Ten controlled games. PlutoTV not only has the 24/7 Stadium feed, they’ll carry events from the Big Sky conference. The number of conference controlled games that previously aired on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNEWS in the regular season each of the past three seasons was either 70 or 71 games, including the five conference tournament games that will air on BTN in the future. ESPNU appears to be limited to non-conference football. On Thursday, the Big 12 evening quarterfinals could move from ESPNU to ESPN2, and the American Athletic First Round could air in full on ESPNU instead of game 1 on ESPNU and the last two on ESPNEWS. ABC’s required primetime game will fulfill their requirement to air Pac-12 football.